About us

Our mission

Heating Management Services or HMS for short has set out to be the service provider/solution for correct and transparent heating system records in buildings with a common system for heating and/or hot water.

That way we can raise awareness among occupants, encouraging them to save energy and lending advice tailored to your building and its residents.

We take care of all the admin and technical aspects for you, from installing the meters over daily monitoring right down to invoicing and receiving payments.

HMS is part of KLIMA+ group and has been active in the heating industry for more than 120 years, accumulating considerable expertise in energy-saving.

We believe everyone is entitled to a transparent overview of their energy use and should share in…

Klima+’s values

  • Positivity
  • Pride
  • Family spirit
  • Integrity
  • Recognition and respect

HMS’s values

  • Correctness and transparency


  • 1893

    Beginning of the coal and fertiliser business

  • 1945

    3rd generation continues the business

  • 1965

    Beginning of the heating oil business

  • 1974

    Construction of large fuel depot along the river Scheldt

  • 1976

    Beginning of the HVAC installation business

  • 1980

    Beginning of the propane gas business

  • 1989

    Beginning of the AS24 Benelux network of petrol stations for trucks

  • 2004

    Beginning of Diesel Card Belgium: national fuel car

  • 2008

    Beginning of Fleet Pass

  • 2009

    Return to HVAC

  • 2015

    100% focus on HVAC and associated services