For guaranteed correct and transparent heating cost distribution

Heating Management Services

HMS: complete management for collective heating systems

HMS manages the collective heating system costs for buildings and sites where one installation provides heating and hot water to multiple users, such as apartment and office buildings, student accommodation, (apartment) hotels, mixed-use buildings and business parks.

Your benefits?

  • Less worry for all parties
  • No more endless arguments in the community
  • The certainty that everything is done correctly and transparently

Measuring the use of heating

Distribution of heating costs

Invoicing and receipt of payments

Easy online overview of your energy use

Why choose HMS as a partner to take care of your heating cost management?

  • HMS has gathered many years of experience in dealing with the distribution of collective heating system costs.
  • This is why HMS does not merely distribute the costs, but also takes care of invoicing and receiving advance payments, puts together the annual statements and provides intermediate statements and invoices when occupants decide to move out.
  • HMS also pre-finances your energy purchases, so property managers and/or owners no longer need to beg for advances from occupants.
  • HMS works with 100% transparency. Property manager, owner or occupant, everyone can consult their meter readings and invoices on our online platform.
  • There is only 1 contact person and 1 telephone everyone - property manager, occupant or owner - can call for more info or advice.
  • HMS does not subcontract; we do everything on our own account, so you only have 1 party to speak to.

How we work

Installation Type:

  • Gas or oil?
  • Renewable energy or not?
  • Multiple techniques or not?
  • Connected to a district heating network or not?

We measure everything so we can provide a clear analysis of the actual use and losses and…

  • Assess how much gas or oil enters the system
  • Read the meters on the central heating inside the units to determine the right use
  • Look at the evaporators on the radiators
  • Measure the use of cold water in each unit if there is only 1 connection to the mains
  • Assess the use of hot water in each unit
  • Assess the use of electricity per unit in buildings constructed before June 2002

Replace the old meters

  • Hour meters
  • Flow meters
  • Adapt the piping

Everything taken care of by trained professionals!

Your building will be connected to our servers through our central computer system.

This way we can detect problems, ensure your meters work properly and provide accurate readings every day.

We constantly measure all parameters to determine your energy use precisely:

  • Overall use
  • Use of heat units at the boiler
  • Use of heating and hot water per apartment
  • Efficiency losses at the boiler, piping and because of downtime
  • You select your energy supplier
  • HMS will pay your energy bills
  • We will distribute the energy and costs
  • We will calculate your monthly advances
  • We will take care of invoicing and payments
  • We will make up the annual statements and make sure we receive payment or pay back any excesses
  • Quick intermediate invoicing
  • We will take care of all communication with your occupants
  • We will pre–finance and rent the meters
  • We do not charge margins on your energy bills, as we work openly and transparently
  • Overview of use per apartment
  • Energy use history
  • Account overview per occupant
  • We provide all necessary documents: SEPA payment slip, moving documents, brochures, address changes
  • General energy invoices
  • We respect the privacy rules and regulations at all times

Central boiler, may work on gas or oil or can be combined with solar panels, cogeneration or other renewable sources of energy, such as district heating.


Gas meter, we read these every day so we do not need to wait 6 months for the network operator to send their invoice when someone has moved out.


Central heating meter, this device measures your heating use in kWh.


Flow meter, this device measures your use of sanitary hot water in l.


Building management hub, this device checks all meters and sends the data to our server and software so we always work with the right figures.


The EU Energy Efficiency Directive has required all member states to install individual and central meters to measure the use of heat, hot and cold water in apartment and mixed-use buildings.

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