• No more arguments at the meeting of co-owners
  • Correct and transparent annual statements and invoices to occupants/tenants
  • Receipt of advances, annual statements and invoices
  • No more commissions
  • Peace of mind
  • One phone number for all questions
  • Feedback once a year at the meeting of co-owners
  • Daily checks to track down fraud and ensure meters function properly, so you will no longer pay for losses caused by faulty meters
  • But you still choose your energy supplier, though we will take care of the bills!
  • Meters are rented
  • Online platform with user rights
  • PFFF…
    all this stuff is so complicated!

  • Don’t worry. We will come and explain everything with easy-to-understand graphs and reports at the meeting of co-owners.

  • What about our choice of energy supplier?

  • You decide the one you like, and we will take care of the invoices, though we can also lend some valuable advice.